Acuity MobileUC SIM – the one for all

Acuity MobileUC, integrated either into your PBX/telephony estate or directly with the Acuity hosted telephony platform, is the perfect solution for a number of applications including critical services, lone workers, regulated industries, SMEs, start-ups and workers-on-the-go.

Critical services

For organisations providing essential functions such as the emergency and security services, not to mention search and rescue, doctors, vets, vehicle breakdown and recovery and utilities, then having connection to the mobile network no matter when or where can be a matter of life and death.

Acuity MobileUC SIMs roam across selected UK mobile networks to find the strongest signal, giving the best possible mobile coverage no matter the emergency.

Lone workers

Throughout the UK the number of people working alone is increasing. Automation means fewer people are required to run business operations and there’s been a growing practice of sub-contracting, outplacement and teleworking. Then there’s the lone workers out on the road, visiting commercial and domestic premises from drivers to vets and estate agents, to carers who are on the move everyday going between towns and cities and remote rural areas.

To stay in touch and stay safe 24/7, they require a reliable mobile service that’s available when it’s needed most.

Acuity MobileUC SIMs, which provide the best possible coverage by roaming across selected UK networks to find the strongest possible signal, enable lone workers to make and receive calls using the multiple UK mobile GSM networks and not rely on data or Wi-Fi connections, allowing seamless roaming and providing maximum coverage.

Regulated industries

Industries that are required by law to record all telephone calls include finance, insurance and utilities sectors. But historically, if the workforce is mobile and predominantly use a mobile to make and receive calls, call recording has been prohibitively expensive.

Acuity Unified Communications has worked hard to create a solution that meets the needs of these organisations. With Acuity’s MobileUC SIMs, when integrated with the Acuity hosted telephony platform, cost savings are accessible, while performance and regulatory compliance and call recordings of all calls to and from the mobile are maintained.


For small to medium sized businesses the cost of a fixed line comms system in the office can have a serious effect on the bottom line and, if much of the workforce is out and about, they make and receive calls on their mobiles the majority of the time anyway.

This can make it difficult to ensure that you present a professional and consistent profile to your customers, plus you may not have the best connectivity whether you are in the office or on the road.

The Acuity MobileUC SIM, when integrated with the Acuity hosted telephony platform, offers full PBX functionality via mobile, enabling customers to call or receive calls from a landline number, alongside all the other advanced call handling features you’d expect. Call waiting, hold and call transfers are all supported, without any of the hassles that app-based products are known for.


There are so many things to consider when starting a new business but always presenting a professional and consistent profile to your customers when contacting them by phone needn’t be one of them.

Your mobile can be a PBX in your pocket with the Acuity MobileUC SIM, when integrated with the Acuity hosted telephony platform. Calls are routed through the mobile GSM voice networks and onto the Acuity UC platform. The call then behaves as though it was made from a landline. This means Acuity can offer low-cost calling together with all the features expected from a regular office phone system. And, because the smart SIM can roam across selected mobile networks, the SIM will automatically select the network with the best signal before placing a call.


The mobile workforce is nothing new. Employees have always worked remotely from the office – visiting customers and suppliers, working at another site or merely away from their desk. What is new is the expectation that they are always contactable, always connected and able to respond.

Some businesses have made the decision to provide all their employees with mobiles and do away with all but a few landlines – but what happens when they need to transfer calls to a colleague or record calls to meet regulatory obligations? And what about consistently presenting a professional profile to your customers and prospects?

The Acuity MobileUC SIM, integrated with Acuity’s hosted telephony service, ensures staff using mobiles present the main business number and not their mobile number. Plus they can transfer calls and have calls transferred to them as if they are in the office.

And, because the smart SIM can roam across selected mobile networks, the SIM will automatically select the network with the best signal which means that employee productivity is also optimised.

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