Compliant Call Recording

Several industries are required by law to record all telephone calls for compliance purposes, such as the finance, insurance and utilities sectors. For organisations like these, employees who are predominantly using their mobiles can pose a problem, with the cost of recording mobile calls being prohibitively expensive. Acuity has worked hard to create a solution that meets the needs of these organisations, enabling them to be efficient while remaining compliant and giving a professional customer-facing service over the phone.

Where customers require advanced features like call recording, Acuity works with the company to create a bespoke, professional and affordable solution that precisely meets their needs. Because Acuity offers a SIM-based service, roaming functionality ensures that the SIM will automatically choose the strongest mobile signal anywhere in the UK, ensuring that call quality is optimised. This is particularly important for workers in critical sectors working remotely, such as first responders and engineers tackling outages in key utilities like water, gas and electricity.

In the past, new telephony systems based on mobile technology were out of reach for sectors needing high call quality, universal signal accessibility, full PBX functionality and particularly for those needing advanced features like call recording. With Acuity’s MobileUC SIMs, when integrated with the Acuity hosted telephony platform, cost savings are accessible, while performance and regulatory compliance are maintained.

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