Data Security

AcuityMobile solutions are protected by Acuity Sentry which delivers real-time fraud protection for fixed lines, mobiles, SIP connectivity and other forms of cyber-attack aimed at telephony estates.

Telecoms fraud has become one of the most widespread and damaging problems facing businesses today. It costs UK businesses millions a year impacting in a number of ways, ranging from attacks against interconnect traffic to direct attacks on PBX and multiple PBX systems.

An increasing difficulty is the international nature of fraud which makes identifying and subsequently prosecuting frauds virtually impossible for both resellers and the authorities.

Sometimes called ‘phreaking’, telecoms fraud involves hacking into a telephone system to obtain free calls. It takes several forms, one of which is ‘dial through fraud’, the most common telecoms fraud in the UK.

Fraudsters set up the fraud by finding a business with voicemail or a system that lets staff call in from outside the office to make external calls. They then exploit weak passwords to gain access to the system and start the fraud. Typically, fraudsters will make calls to overseas premium lines they have set up themselves or sell access to the system to individuals to make international calls.

Most victims are oblivious to the fraud until they receive their next bill. The fraud is usually run in the evenings, on weekends and during holiday periods when it is less likely to be detected.

Real-time fraud protection for telephony services

This cybersecure telephony solution is proven to protect businesses from dial fraud, auto-dialler mobile fraud and other forms of cyber-attack aimed at the telephony estate. It meets the suite of telecoms service standards defined by the Federation of Communication Services (FCS).

It is a proactive solution and instantly bars calls when limits are breached. Calls are minute-based and no cost calculations are needed. Details of every call are tracked with no impact on service levels, so barred calls can be identified.

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