Robust Disaster Recovery

Most businesses today are totally reliant on their telecoms and internet connection to do business, whether it be to run their sales operation, customer care department, a major retail operation or a simple email system. The cost to business if the comms systems fail, or a building is put out of action for whatever reason, could be significant, both in terms of lost revenue and damaged reputation.

Acuity MobileUC provides a robust disaster recovery solution as a matter of course. In the event of a disaster, the Acuity MobileUC SIM, when integrated with the Acuity hosted telephony platform, enables employees to continue to make and receive calls and emails and access the internet seamlessly due to the superior network coverage.

They can use their mobiles as if they were in the office on a desk-based handset with all the functionality of a PBX system such as call transfer and call recording.

Essential functions and operations can be maintained seamlessly whilst the problem is resolved. No idle staff, lost custom or loss of reputation.

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