Mobile Unified Communications

Acuity MobileUC is a multi-network provider SIM service that brings landline and office PBX features to mobile handsets and delivers all the integration benefits of a fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solution.

Acuity MobileUC enables mobile phones to work as part of a business PBX system, with DDI numbers, short-dial extensions, call transfer, hunt groups, IVR, voicemail and all the other PBX features and benefits you would expect of a quality phone system.

Acuity MobileUC is a multi-network provider SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, not an app, so it works in all mobile handsets and with multiple mobile networks, and is completely integrated with the mobile network for voice, data and SMS. Acuity MobileUC also allows roaming across mobile networks.

Acuity MobileUC mobile phones work seamlessly with other desk phones hosted on the Acuity Hosted Telephony platform.

Acuity MobileUC features

  • Calls, SMS and Data
  • Multi-format multi-network SIMs that roam everywhere
  • Landline and mobile numbers to the mobile
  • Port your own number
  • Simple charging
  • Competitive usage bundles
  • Per user per month charges
  • All features included in the monthly per sim service charge
  • Per second billing

Mobile PBX features

  • Hunt groups
  • Extension dialling
  • Call hold and transfer (blind and attended)
  • Calling line identity (main number)
  • Call forward always/busy/unreachable
  • Call control policies (black list / white list)
  • Disaster recovery (automatic number re-routing)
  • Out-of-hours divert and messaging
  • IVR and announcements
  • Voicemail, voicemail to email

Acuity MobileUC is ideal for

  • Enterprise mobility and workforce productivity
  • Small business find-me-follow-me
  • Professional services team working
  • Fixed mobile convergence services
  • Mobile or roaming teleworkers
  • Sites with no or limited internet or copper access
  • Temporary, pop-up, retail or construction sites
  • DECT phone replacement with mobile coverage
  • Organisations that need to record their calls whether from the landline or the mobile

Acuity MobileUC compatibility

All mobile phone handsets, including traditional handsets, smartphones and GSM desk phones.


All Acuity MobileUC services are delivered from our resilient voice network that operates in dual secure data centres, with diverse network and carrier interconnect services. We use secure HTTPS for device management (SIP credentials are not revealed), encryption of SIP credentials during call setup and SSL encryption of management and control interfaces. Internally, our network uses concurrency and destination controls designed to reduce fraud exposure.

We also have extensive real-time monitoring and alarm visibility across all of our network and services.

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