Simplified Mobile Device Management

More and more businesses are implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy in the UK, partially due to the increase in freelance consultants and specialists but also as a result of the market saturation of mobile devices.

There are significant cost benefits of employees supplying the equipment they need. It cuts the cost of buying the equipment, plus it eliminates the cost of replacing damaged or faulty devices, not to mention the headache of reassigning laptops and mobiles when staff leave or move.

It’s also a great option for cash-strapped start-ups as it reduces the capital they need for equipment.

But how do you ensure your employees present a professional image to your customers and the problems associated with patchy network coverage when you have no control over the network provider?

With Acuity MobileUC solutions it’s possible to provide a unified mobile service that integrates the mobile GSM voice networks and Acuity’s hosted telephony platform, allowing mobile users to become an extension within the UC platform without the worries of a poor or unstable mobile internet connection. The Acuity MobileUC solution has the benefit of roaming across multiple network providers ensuring greatly improved network coverage in the UK, and your staff can be reached whether they are in the office, on the road or in a remote location.

BYOD enables customers to reduce costs and improve communications via the Acuity Unified Communications solutions whilst the user provides the handset and the company provides the SIM.

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