Superior Mobile Coverage

We are all familiar with those network coverage dead spots where it seems you can’t get a mobile signal for love nor money. Acuity offers a complete solution that overcomes signal problems and mitigates the effects of a mobile network infrastructure outage. The Acuity MobileUC SIM roams to find the best signal from all the available networks in the UK in any given place, so should there be a weather event or disaster that affects the infrastructure of one or even two mobile networks, it can switch to the signal that is available. This ensures that customers remain connected, wherever they are.

Acuity MobileUC anywhere SIMs deliver voice, data, SMS & roaming on any unlocked mobile.

The Acuity MobileUC SIM, when integrated with the Acuity hosted telephony platform, offers full PBX functionality via mobile, enabling customers to call or receive calls from a landline number, alongside all the other advanced call handling features you’d expect. Call waiting, hold and call transfers are all supported, without any of the hassles that app-based products are known for.

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