Upwardly Mobile

Accountancy giant PWC has just announced that they are doing away with landlines at office desks, with all staff expected to only use mobiles by the end of the summer, claiming it as a more efficient way of working.

But what happens if you need to transfer a call to a colleague in another part of the business and you’re on your mobile? What if you need to record all your calls to comply with regulations? And does it look professional when customers are always asked to call a mobile or receive a call from one?

Well there is a reliable solution, free of all the problems associated with mobile app based products, that enables staff to make and receive business calls on a mobile device with all the typical PBX functions including hold, transfer and call waiting. They can even take advantage of advanced functionality such as call recording. It’s a “PBX in your pocket” service from Acuity Unified Communications.

The Acuity MobileUC SIM, integrated with Acuity’s hosted telephony service, ensures staff using mobiles present the main business number and not their mobile number, plus they can transfer calls and have calls transferred to them as if they are in the office. They have all the functionality of a telephone system without the need for fixed infrastructure.

Plus for businesses from sectors such as finance, insurance and utilities where compliance to regulations is essential, call recording via mobile has traditionally been prohibitively expensive. Acuity’s mobile call recording solutions are affordable, bespoke, customer-led propositions to meet a customer’s exact requirements.

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