You’re not alone

We are all familiar with those network coverage dead spots where it seems you can’t get a mobile signal for love nor money. But if you are a lone worker, employ lone workers or have employees on the road who need access to good network coverage to do their job, what is the answer?

Throughout the UK the number of people working alone is increasing and this is a result of a number factors. Automation has been introduced to factories and offices, so fewer people are required to keep the operation going and they are often located in different parts of the premises. There has also been a growing practice of sub-contracting, outplacement and teleworking which adds to the growth of lone working. Plus, the combined push of increased mobility and the development of interactive communication technologies has encouraged the development of one-person operations.

Then there are the lone workers out on the road, visiting commercial and domestic premises, from drivers to vets and estate agents to carers who are on the move everyday going between towns and cities and remote rural areas. Not to mention emergency service personnel, who cover the length and breadth of the UK, and the armed forces.

So, in order to ensure that you or your employees can stay in touch and stay safe 24/7, what’s required is a reliable mobile service that gives you the confidence that it’ll be available when it’s needed most.

The answer is Acuity MobileUC SIM, which provides the best possible coverage by roaming across all the UK networks to find the strongest possible signal. Calls are made and received using the multiple UK mobile GSM networks and do not rely on data or WiFi connections, allowing seamless roaming and providing maximum coverage.

Acuity MobileUC SIMs can help lone and remote workers stay safe and enable the businesses and organisations responsible for them meet their duty of care obligations.

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